Welcome Ava and Zsa Zsa!

Please meet Ava and Zsa Zsa, our twin Saanen goats.  The Saanen breed is named after the Saanen Valley in Switzerland and they are known as the most popular dairy goat breed due to their high productivity and mild manners. Kell and I got them at just four hours old and we bottle-fed them as long as was necessary. As you can see, neither of us had any objections to doing so – quite the contrary!  They continue to grow and their individual personalities are also growing with them – quite the cute kids.  Some of our guests have even leashed walked them around the property so they can add variety to their daily buffet.

Aside from their delightful presence and amazing ability to kept things tidy by grazing, these adorable goats will be producing cheese for our guests by this time next year.

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