Article Contributed by Susan Meyer:

Martha’s Vineyard is a wonderful place to take your honeymoon: it is an island full of atmosphere, pristine beaches, and lots of romantic things to see and do. There is no better place to take your honeymoon if you’re looking to relax; and if you’re looking to relax in secluded luxury then the Lamberts Cove Inn is the perfect place to stay. International air travel takes up a disproportionately large portion of the average honeymooner’s vacation budget, so choosing to stay in the US is a smart move.  And you’ll find all of the facilities a honeymooning couple would expect right here in Martha’s Vineyard anyway. Here’s everything a honeymooner needs to know:


Relax and Unwind on the Beach

If you choose the Lamberts Cove Inn for your honeymoon then you will have access to the nearby Lambert’s Cove private Beach, which is a pristine and beautiful stretch of sandy beach offering fun recreational activities as well as somewhere to simply lay back and soak up the sunshine, hand in hand. If you’re looking to get up and do something a little more active then you will be afforded plenty of opportunities to do so too. You can enjoy a round of seaside golf, pick up some treasures for your new marital home from the many antique shops and boutique stores or take to the water for sailing, kayaking, and even fishing. If you want to be really active, whilst also being ridiculously romantic, then you could also saddle up a couple of horses and take a sunset or sunrise horseback ride along the beach. Martha’s Vineyard is the ideal place to create memories that you’ll never forget. For quieter fun, the grounds at The Lambert’s Cove Inn are loaded with entertainment options: you’ll find a swimming pool with a spa, a well presented tennis court, and beautiful gardens and quiet outdoor nooks in which to relax and simply enjoy spending time together.

Fabulous Fine Dining

Every honeymooning couple is different. Some want to dine in cozy privacy, preferring to order room service to their room. Others enjoy the hustle and bustle of eating surrounded by other couples in a romantically lit restaurant. Both options are available at the Lamberts Cove Inn and whichever option you choose, you won’t be disappointed: the Inn is home to an award winning restaurant where all the ingredients are as fresh as possible, and some of them have even been grown on the Inn’s very own farm. Martha’s Vineyard is renowned for its incredible fine dining restaurants, but the Lamberts Cove Inn really is the best of the best, making it the ideal destination for foodies.

Travelling to the Lamberts Cove Inn

The most obvious way to reach your honeymoon destination is to travel by plane. The Lamberts Cove Inn is situated just 10 minutes way from the airport, making it a very easy option if you’re looking to arrive as quickly as possible in order to maximize your honeymoon time in the region. Many people also arrive on the island by boat, travelling by Ferry and arriving into the Vineyard Haven ferry port (which is just 15 minutes away from the Inn). For those honeymooners looking for something a little more adventurous and wanting to make their journey to the Inn a part of their vacation though, it is possible to take a cruise to Martha’s Vineyard from New York, Boston, or other parts of New England. You can then depart your liner to spend a week in the region before joining another liner and enjoying a leisurely cruise back home. This is considered to be a particularly attractive option for those people that are visiting the region, and the country, at the beginning or end of a wider luxury cruise. The benefits of these are that the journey is undertaken at a much more relaxing pace, and that you don’t have to worry about an airliners often limited luggage allowance; particularly if you’ve carried several suitcases on a liner across the Atlantic!
Thinking of your dream honeymoon destination? Then before you plan to jet off to Europe or a Caribbean Island, consider a honeymoon much closer to home. If you take your honeymoon at the Lambert’s Cove Inn, you certainly won’t regret it.